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English-Speaking Vets and Pet Services in Berlin & Brandenburg

English-speaking pet services in Berlin and surrounds that have been

Vet Costs & FAQs for Berliners

Is there a 2023 dog tag for tax? No, the

White Powder Confirmed To Be Poison (Berlin)

A member of the Anti-Bait Taskforce collected a sample of

Emergency Vet List: Berlin & Brandenburg

An English language overview of the veterinary clinics in Berlin and the surrounding region, along with their opening hours.

Digitalization in the Pet Industry

Germany as a whole is not the most digitalized society - well below average when compared to its EU peers - and the pet industry is no exception.

Nutrition: Facts & Myths

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German Public Transport

Travelling with dogs on public transport in Germany has a sort of interesting bureaucratic charm to it. In most European countries, there is a fairly simple system: dogs either travel for free or there is a dog ticket for every situation.

Arriving in Germany / Berlin

Pet Passports Upon arrival at your destination from a non-EU

Adopting a Companion

Depending on what you intend on doing with your new pal, you can either go the rescue or registered breeder route. Please do not support pet shops or commercial mills - the animals live in misery and you are not helping by giving them your money!

Choosing a Breeder

If you want to get into protection sports or compete seriously in any canine sport, then your best bet is to start researching dog breeds that excels in your chosen sport. Once you've found your match, the next step is to find an ethical breeder with bloodlines proven to produce competitive dogs.