PerPETual Team

First Aid Training for Dogs & Cats!

A comprehensive 4-hour first aid workshop aimed at pet owners and pet service professionals, including practice on 1-2 demo dogs at tuesday coworking space in Berlin Schöneberg.


The most recognizable parasites are external freeloaders such as ticks and fleas, although some culprits can't be detected with the naked eye, like intestinal worms, an example of internal parasites.

Retail Rescue

As community awareness of animal welfare grows, demand for shelter pets has in some regions outpaced the supply. This has lead to shelters importing from other regions, or even internationally.


Your pet can be allergic to anything from pollen to an insect bite or even a type of protein. Signs and symptoms may vary from individual to individual but usually range from mild to severe. Some allergies can be fatal if not given medical attention in time.

Travel Tips: Accommodation

It is worth noting that Airbnb may not be the most affordable option. Always check hotels and hostels (remember, they also have private rooms!) as well, to make sure that you know all the options.

Travel Tips: Land & Sea

For pets that are very old, sick, or otherwise affected by changes in their environment, travelling by land or sea can be a milder alternative to flying. When travelling by land or sea, you may give sedatives if deemed necessary and prescribed by your vet.

Travel Tips: Health & Flying

An up-to-date rabies vaccination is a worldwide requirement. If you plan on flying*, you will at the very least need a recently issued health certificate from a vet (usually within 5-10 days of flying).

Dog License & Breed Permit

The dog license is an official document which is intended to prove dog-handling competency and affords your dog additional off-leash freedom in Berlin.

Rental Laws in Berlin

As the housing shortage has made finding an apartment extremely

Essential Info: Dog Ownership in Berlin

💡You are required by law to pick up after your